Nautical Sheet KIT 1


Kit of Nautical sheets, composed of top sheet, two pillowcases and fitted sheet. Suitable for any position of the boat.


  1. The main advantage of the new tissue of 5 layers SSMMS polypropylene is the high air permeability while a zero water permeability.
  2. This causes the application to cover upholstered sports boats and cabin beds is optimal.
  3. Avoid stain mats boats with sweat, sunscreen, dizziness, etc…
  4. It prevents moisture that can get wet upholstery for careless sit with her wet bathing suit or water splash with open portholes.
  5. His touch the skin extremely pleasant to sleep allowing scantily clad hot nights.
  6. They do not give heat and sweat for their great breathability and antistatic treatment.
  7. They take up 85% less volume and weight identical cotton sheets. You can take them anywhere without carrying large packages.
  8. They are disposable and cheap, you can sleep in them for all your holiday and then throw them unashamedly. In addition ship owners can store in small space to give your guest crew some new sheets.
  9. They are washable if desired without requiring drying or ironing as never drench.
  10. Never have that feeling of moisture in certain climates it has cotton or sleeping bag.
  11. The bottom sheets are shaped like their mats and are adjustable giving a neat and clean look to their cabins even after days of journey.
  12. Specially recommended for pillows.
  13. The use of polypropylene sheets for water is similar to the application that was the same for technical shirts.


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